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Press Release
Persia, Charlotte, and Sachi met in 2014 at San Francisco Art Institute. They’ve kept in touch over the years while living in different cities — Persia in Brooklyn, Charlotte in Baltimore and Sachi in Los Angeles. They are thrilled to reunite in the city they met and share new work alongside each other.

Sachi Moskowitz Bio
Sachi Moskowitz (b.1989, Los Angeles, CA) earned her BFA in Sculpture from San Francisco Art Institute in 2017.

Moskowitz reconstructs glimpses of the past with surrealist elements in disembodied spaces, meshing personal and universal perspectives. Her work combines elements of traditional ceramic techniques and painterly glazing. The viewer is encouraged to peer into the uncertainty of the human condition, the subtle beauty of inhabited spaces, and to witness the artist’s own intimate documentation of reality.

Persia Phillips Bio
Persia Phillips (b.1994, Los Angeles, CA) earned her BFA in Painting from San Francisco Art Institute in 2016 and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Persia creates images that depict habitual moments of observation which can be experienced as a collective consciousness or a state of solitude. She uses a combination of color pencil, crayon, graphite, oil pastel and oil paint to render fractious textures evoking ethereal sceneries. The obscurity of what lies in between light versus dark along with life and death are manipulated in these optical mirages and left to the eye of the beholder.

Charlotte Hodgson Bio
Charlotte Hodgson (b.1991, Farmington, CT) earned her BFA in Sculpture from San Francisco Art Institute in 2015 and currently lives in Baltimore, MD..

Charlotte constructs sculptures that explore the act of containing; from utilitarian functions to immaterial possessions. She works mainly in ceramics and formulates her own glazes. She is interested in the balance between attempting total control over and surrendering to the nature of the material. Her pieces bear marks of the creative process within uniformity, and contemplate states that lie between conception and disintegration, one choice or another, and internal and external phenomena.