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We are proud to announce the first ever SWIM Book. The book is both an exhibit of content from some of our favorite artists and an archival document of everything SWIM has accomplished so far, including special sections dedicated to SWIM 1, Hawaii SWIM 5.0, Swimmin In The Playground, SWIM Mixtape, and more! On top of that it also includes insightful artist interviews by Kate Dash and riveting articles by Kyle Mantha. Be sure to cop yourself a copy or two and live the SWIM life with us!

SWIM Book features content created by:

Aleia Murawski
Alfred Vidaurri
Auguste Somers
Cate White
El Chavi
Gary Paintin
Hely Gonzalez
Henry Fey
Jaque Fragua
Justin Hager
Kate Dash
Kristen Liu-Wong
Kyle Mantha
Lana Licata
Mariah GW
Meagan Boyd
Michael Covington
Michelle Guintu
Monica Kim Garza
Muzae Sesay
Natalie Yang
Olivia Krause
Pat Falco
Robin Birdd
Rye Purvis
Sara Gonzalez-Bautista
Scarlett Giesbrecht
Sean Tully
Spencer Keeton Cunningham
Virginia Chiang
Yarrow Slaps
Yetunde Olagbaju